The voice of a Petite Model

I call myself “A Petite Girl With A Twist” when I moved in the UK 7 years ago. I felt alienated. Everyone looks like walking towers and I am here looking like a hobbit. I’m small and tiny. I am 5’3 now and imagine then. That time in 2014 there’s not much of petite clothing brands around me. I turned 18 and I still struggle to find the best fit that’s not too loose or too long. Well, for me and for others one of the perks of being a petite girl is you can buy on kids clothes and shoes. Downside of it, is when you have this dream of being a model and slay the fashion industry of what you’ve got. How frustrating when there’s not much of brands dedicating petite style range for us under 5’5?

Models are known to be tall, fit and literally perfect at least that’s how some people describe them. Agencies/Managements have this certain standards to maintain. I get it. “YOU HAVE TO BE TALL” to be a model. Not everyone has this Victoria Secret faces and body. The fashion industry is changing. There’s now PLUS SIZE models, a lot of them. Why can’t we have our time? Why many of us aren’t given a chance to show what we can bring in the industry as a petite model? It’s sad when a petite model like me attend a modelling campaign, modelling interview or casting and many more. First thing they’re going to find is your height. It’s is really downgrading. Well, for them being pretty, having a nice body isn’t enough. No wonder there’s just a few of petite girls model are out there because not much of these agencies/management doesn’t even want to bother giving us a shot.

Some brands even advertise a petite line and finding out on the description a 5’8 / 5’9 model is the one who’s advertising the petite range hmmm? not my proportion, so you’re going to have to play the guessing game. I mean I’m sure those brands are having a hard time looking for A REAL PETITE MODELS because agencies/managements can only provide them 5’6 to 5’9 models. I mean if you are going to advertise a petite collection, line or range at least put a REAL PETITE MODEL in it. That’s how it should work, that’s what we want to see the items and that’s what is lacking nowadays especially in fashion industry. Petite Studio, TOPSHOP, Pretty Little Thing and especially ASOS are very diverse from all skin types, shapes and sizes.  FashionNova is on their game as well, they even have a 5’4 model. Well, now.  I love shopping from them because I can relate. We need something or someone that we can relate. We need to relate on what we see and buy online not because they look nice on whoever’s wearing or advertising it.

As a petite woman like me. I don’t want people to notice and focus how tall I am. I want people to see me how great my style is, how beautiful I am for being me. I want their attention to be who I am and how I put out myself out there as a proud “Petite Girl with a Twist”. There’s a lot of girls out there who are very insecure especially when it comes to height talks and that is something we cannot change. All I am saying is the industry needs to see us on how good we are as a person, our talents, what makes us different or on what we can offer to the industry. They should stop downgrading petite people especially women of course.

We may be small and tiny but we have more than that to bring on the table.

I like following people on Instagram that are the same height and body weight like me. I want to see how they style their clothing, what brands they go for and I am sure younger girls on Instagram follows me with that exact reason.

No one can tell me what I can be or what I can’t do just because I’m not even 5’6. I am here to encourage petite women or younger generations that are going through this stressful pain in life, asking and doubting theirselves, feeling they’re not enough. I want them to feel it’s okay to be small and tiny. It’s okay to be small and wide. It’s okay to be small and curvy. It’s okay if you’re only 5’5 and below. It’s okay. I am here for you too. I want them to be confident. I want people to look at us petite girls like,‘Wow! She’s bigger than what she looks” There’s a lot of petite girls around the world and I want them to feel great on whatever height and size they are on right now.

I am here to change how they look at Petite people/ models. There are little girls out there dreaming to be a model and imagine their hearts being broken one day just because they didn’t reach that certain height or modelling standard. I am here to lift my petite ladies and stop a little girls dream from being ruined by the modelling industry standard.

Us 5’5 and below needs to speak out. There’s so much more than height that we can offer. We cannot let them turn us down by just looking at our size. We need to have a voice in this industry. They need to hear us out.

So, let’s help each other out and walk our tiny-selves towards our dreams.