Petite Models for the Industry

The Face of Sixties Icon, Model “Twiggy” – Vogue

I call myself “A Petite Girl With A Twist” when I moved in the UK 7 years ago. I felt alienated. Everyone looks like walking towers and I am here looking like a hobbit. I’m small and tiny. I am 5’3 now and imagine then. That time in 2014 there’s not much of petite clothing brands around me. I turned 18 and I still struggle to find the best fit that’s not too loose or too long. Well, for me and for others one of the perks of being a petite girl is you can buy on kids clothes and shoes. Downside of it, is when you have this dream of being a model and slay the fashion industry of what you’ve got. How frustrating when there’s not much of brands dedicating petite style range for us under 5’5?