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After leaving her fashion roles, Ima Caryl Launched her brand while holding down several day (and night) jobs. She pursued her passion in between modelling, acting, kitchen back of house and working for an upscale highstreet, boutiques, pop-up stores.

Through her years of developing her brand as a “side-hustle”, she’s learned that while it’s equally important to focus & grind your strengths and be true to your own design sensibilities.

“When I got out of fashion school, I wanted to make lingeries and other accessories. The trick is finding what you’re really good at and focusing on that. Up till now I’m still looking for what I really love. When I first started, I had only 5 pieces made in my collection most of them are macrame handmade clothes. Of course, on my own size. since then, I’ve done more designs, three different tops and dresses in my own different prints. I’m always going to be shocked when one print can make dozens/variety of pieces. I’ll just have to repeat those. Now, I’m just focusing more a lot on the prints and details, I’m always updating my designs of course making them better and making them fit in the industry. Somethings are cool temporarily so it’s good to drop those sometimes too. I really want to be a trend maker kind of a designer”

While she’s always on the cliff to hell making her designs and pieces  – she is always watching trends and that’s one of the most important things when it comes to TREND MAKING. You always wanted to be ahead of everybody else right? /she says,’The key to adopting trends to your brand, personalising them and making them work for your customer WITH MEANING”